Greta Marchegger – in the win...

Personal fact sheet Profession: Windsurfing Place of birth: Bozen, Italy Age: 27 Height: 169 cm Weight: 54 kg Star Sign: Scorpio Athlete since: 2006 – started competing at the age of twelve Family status: Single, no children   Greta Marchegger was born in 1993 and windsurfi... read more


Personal fact sheet Profession: Kayaking Place of birth: Girona, Spain Age: 30 Height: 180 cm Weight: 75 kg Star sign: Aries Athlete since: 2009 Family status: /   Aniol Serrasolses i Solà travelled at nearly 100km/h down a high-speed snowy descent, scythed across the forest flo... read more


clean up after yourself

“Keep the mountains clean” – so the call of the Alpine Clubs for the World Environment Day Whether intentionally or unintentionally, throwing away rubbish has fatal consequences for our environment. The disintegration time of garbage on a simple paper handkerchief in... read more


“Not just a guy’s thing.” Women’s rugby is a sport identical to men’s rugby with the same rules, field, and types of games, positions and equipment. Physically demanding sport, where the players should be mentally prepared and understand how to play safely. History of women... read more

Life Stories

Robert Jasper: Soloing thru Norway

Robert Jasper is a German extreme mountaineer. He grew up in the Black Forest where he made his first climbing experience. He is a sports instructor, state-certified mountaineer, ski guide and mountain guide trainer. Jasper gained reputation in 1991 when he solo climbed the three larg... read more

Quarantine adventures – China

COVID19 experiences from Suzhou, located in the southeastern Jiangsu Province of East China China was the first country hit by the Coronavirus. It probably broke out on a market in the City of Wuhan. First it wasn’t that much a problem, but as the number of infections and deaths s... read more


Swiss, not a cheesy country at all!

Direct Democracy, 26 Cantons and 4 Languages – Switzerland The little country in the center of Europe is known worldwide as one the best economic developed states in the World: Renowned for so many things, such as cheese, chocolate, watches, Swiss army knives, and many more. Swi... read more

The land of rice fields

Mekong River and the phenomenon of Naga Fireballs in Nong Khai, Thailand Talking about Thailand, people know it as the land of smile with a lot of variety for tourism. Most of travel magazines or social media channels nowadays have shown the colors of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh ... read more


Technology made it possible!

Thanks to an App, they ran, walked or rolled simultaneously in the Wings for Life charity run. Over 77,000 people across 104 countries came thanks an application together to achieve what had seemed impossible in the current situation. Even if in the past weeks limitations and restrict... read more


Drones are certainly one of the most important inventions of today’s tech world. The word ‘drone’ is very often connected with military warfare. Therefore, many people are very skeptical about this development. Also the fear of drones spying on people or even taking control over... read more


A bear you like to eat up!

It’s been a century ago, that Hans Riegel Sr. founded the confectionery company Haribo! The company initial resources were one bag of sugar, a copperpot, a marble slab, a stool, an oven and a roller, this is how it was handed down in the corporate book. The company name is an acrony... read more

Tart dish – Culinary delights

Chanterelle tart (Pfifferling-Tarte) Concept by Christjan Ladurner with Recipes by Renate Fink   Ingredients: for a 4 people meal 100g butter 250 g flour 90 ml of water 1 pinch of salt For the chanterelle covering 500 g fresh chanterelles 50g butter 1 onion 50g chopped parsley Sa... read more

In The Nutshell

Teresa Stadlober

Personal fact sheet Profession: Cross country skier Place of birth: Schladming, Austria Age: 27 Height: 169 cm Weight: 53 kg Star Sign: Aquarius Athlete since: 2008 Family status: Single   Teresa Stadlober was born into a very sportive family: Her mother was a ski racer, her fath... read more


Personal fact sheet Profession: Golfer Place of birth: Vienna, Austria Age: 19 Height: 173 cm Weight: 62 kg Star Sign: Capricorn Athlete since: 2012 Family status: Single   The Austrian Isabella Holpfer is the youngest Matchplay National Champion in Austria ever. With three victo... read more