Michael Piccolruaz – holding ...

Personal fact sheet Profession: Climber Place of birth: Bolzano, Italy Age: 24 Height: 178 cm Weight: 65 kg Star sign: Capricorn Athlete since: 2005 Family status: Single   Michael Piccolruaz started climbing early: His father is a mountain guide and thus he and his mother used t... read more

Leonie Beck – not afraid of w...

Personal fact sheet Profession: Swimmer Place of birth: Augsburg, Germany Age: 23 Height: 184 cm Weight: 64 kg Star Sign: Gemini Athlete since: 2007 Family status: Unmarried   When Leonie Beck was a child, her older brother went to the swimming club and she always saw how much fu... read more



Shane McConkey and the Rocker Revolution When Shane McConkey joined the K2 team, he would forever change the shape of skiing – literally. Shane McConkey got skies with frickin’ eye-bolts in them and screwing the camber out of the ski. McConkey states: “You’re not going to beli... read more

ICE STOCK – a century long tr...

The origins of the sport are not exactly known, but it is supposed to have its roots in Scandinavia This winter sport is somewhat similar to curling, that is also why ice stock sport is called “Bavarian curling”. A team is mostly composed of four members and each player has the go... read more

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Quarantine adventures – Italy

COVID19 experiences from an Italian Travel Agent! I am working for a travel agency in South Tyrol, with four branches all over the region. The first affected clients were – in the beginning of February – a small group of businessmen, who wanted to travel to China, where th... read more

Quarantine adventures – Canad...

COVID19 experiences from an Canadian highschool exchange! Hello! I am a highschool exchange student from slovakia staying in British Columbia, Canada. Me and my host family have been quarantining for over a month now. The moment I realized that the coronavirus situation was bad during... read more



“The Big Easy” or “NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana)”, “The City that Care forgot” or “Crescent City” are just a few Names for the City of New Orleans, the famous city between Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi Delta. It’s the largest city of the State of Louisiana, ... read more

中國 – The Land of the Dragons

  • November 30, 2016
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China is a country of superlatives, beginning with it’s almost 10,000 years of history and culture, it´s probably the country with the oldest one on earth. No European or Western Country can reach this heritage and keep it for this many centuries. With about 24.6 million square kil... read more



Fatbikes: winter sport fun for biking- and fitness enthusiasts Little children are greeting, the grandparents look puzzled and the women wink at me: the 4.8-inch wide tires of the fatbike are real eye-catchers. Fatbikes (also fat bikes) or as sports name fat biking was mainly designed... read more

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Action cams have become steadily more popular in recent time and accordingly to this trend also the market competition has grown and developed new and interesting products. We have tested three of the freshest products to help you a little during the buying decision. The allround adve... read more


Lard dish – Culinary delights

Juniper Schmalz also called Wacholder lard Concept by Christjan Ladurner with Recipes by Renate Fink   Ingredients: for a small earthen pot 100g fatter, smoked bacon (Speck) 1 onion 20 juniper berries 250 g lard – pork fat Salt and pepper Preparation: Cut the bacon and the ... read more


The town of Sulden (Italian: Solda) lies at the foot of the Ortler Mountain, or as sometimes otherwise referred to, the king of the Eastern Alps. Sulden am Ortler’s is located in one of Europe’s largest parks, in the Stelvio National Park. At this inspirational place you soon find... read more

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Personal fact sheet Profession: Luger Place of birth: Schlanders, Italy Age: 22 Height: 174 cm Weight: 65 kg Star Sign: Capricorn Athlete since: 2005 (in the Italian national team since 2012) Family status: in a relationship   Greta Pinggera is an Italian natural track luge athle... read more


Personal fact sheet Profession: Ski jumper Place of birth: Bozen, Italy Age: 26 Height: 167 cm Weight: 52 kg Star Sign: Cancer Athlete since: always 🙂 Family status: in a relationship   Elena Runggaldier was born in Bolzano in South Tyrol. She is a professional ski jumper and ... read more