Drones are certainly one of the most important inventions of today’s tech world. The word ‘drone’ is very often connected with military warfare. Therefore, many people are very skeptical about this development. Also the fear of drones spying on people or even taking control over humanity are being discussed again and again. However, drones can be used in various ways and they are already changing society in different fields. Humanitarian aid workers and environmentalists for example have started using these devices in order to improve sustainable development. Also many companies and private tech enthusiasts are making use of the new possibilities.

Another very important field is the making of pictures and professional movies. Like this, new perspectives can be taken and even non professional artists are able to achieve some high performance filming. At the moment, some of the most well-known drone producers are companies like GoPro, Parrot, Yuneec Typhoon, Revell Control and Jamara. In independent tests the ‘Phantom 4 Pro+ drone’ by DJI was one of the best evaluated product, convincing with a very long time of flight and an excellent quality of photo and video equipment.

It is suitable for beginners as well as professionals, however, the price is at a rather high level. A cheaper alternative would be the ‘Mavic Pro’. It comes with a very convenient handling and can easily be transported within a standard backpack. Other models for beginners can be obtained from around 200 Euro already, but usually they cannot deliver the quality of the pro models, which cost 1.000 Euro and more.


unmanned aerial vehicle (UVA), remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), remote controlled model aircraft or simply ‘drone’ are flooding the world. Although drones nowadays are getting smaller any more handy, make sure to pick the right model and stay within the border of legality by registration or licensing the flying object. Not obeying rules may bring along heavy punishment and fines.

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