Personal fact sheet
Profession: Kitesurfing
Place of birth: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Age: 26
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Star Sign: Capricorn
Athlete since: I do Kitesurfing Competitions since 2005
Family status: In a relationship


Florian Gruber is one of the best German kitesurfers in recent years. The likeable Bavarian has committed himself to kiterace, but he is also extremely successful on snow in winter. In 2016 Florian won the prestigious “Red Bull Ragnarök” event in the ski category, but already two years earlier he showed what he was made of by taking the second place in the Norwegian Hardangervidda, the largest plateau of its kind in Europe, and so he did already in 2010, when he reached the third place in the German Snowkite Championship. These were probably Gruber’s first cornerstones for a career on snow.

Florian Gruber

But back to his childhood first: Florian Gruber was born on 23rd of December 1993 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a German ski resort in Bavaria. The city is a union of two towns that were united in 1935. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a well-known travel destination for skiers, ice skaters and hikers, but of all places that is the hometown of the beach-boy. Back then he had several jobs in mind for his future: Professional athlete was one of them, but also a baker, cook or carpenter were considered. Perhaps the location of the village led Gruber to combine his passion for kiting with skiing and made him try snowkiting then. Florian has been on the water since he was a young boy, when he came to windsurfing through his father, who was already a surfer from the early days. Florian was always on the road with him, looking for beautiful spots and wind. In 2002, long before the big hype, Florian gave up his windsurf gear and switched to kitesurfing. At the beginning of his pro career he took part in freestyle competitions, where he achieved remarkable results in this discipline. In 2007 he switched to kiteracers and since 2013 he has been out on the kitefoil and started training harder than ever. He is eight times world champion and has earned many other well-known titles and victories in his present career. When Gruber is not pursuing his sport, he is currently studying and loves to spend time with his girlfriend and his family.

Florian Gruber

The big goal!

Four years is still a long time to go, but Gruber’s big goal are the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The mixed competition on the foil board has recently been added by the Olympic Committee. The Bavarian has enough motivation and even though he has already achieved a lot and is for sure Germany’s number one kitesurfer, at least for now, he is not intending to rest on his laurels. That is why he is still honing his skills by hard training and competing in as many races as possible and also in the future. When his racing career will be over, he still wants to compete at some international events. Also after that, he wants to work in the sports industry, but it doesn’t need to be kitesurfing, as long as it fits his slogan: “You only live once. – But if you do it right, once is enough!” Maybe this is also why his dream would be to buy an original Volkswagen Bully and save the money for travels, if he won the lottery.


What drives you crazy or mad?
I am really bad at losing. It can be just a small game at home with my girlfriend or a competition. But it already got a bit better.

Do you have a role model?
My Parents, but also some sports legends like Michael Schumacher, Miroslav Klose, Dirk Nowitzki, and Klitschko. The movie free solo with Alex Honnold is an inspiration.

What you have always with you or take along on your journey?
Just the basics. Phone, Laptop and my wallet and definitely some sports gear.

What is in your mind while you race?
How I can beat the rest. And when I am exhausted I think about my family, that I want to make them proud.

With whom would you like to exchange life?
No one. I am happy with what I have. And when I want it to be different I need to change it and work for it.

Why you do what you do?
Because it is really cool. Doing sports and traveling just makes me happy and gives you so many opportunities.

Winter or Summer, which season do you prefer?
Hard to say, because in both seasons I have some activities I love. As long it is sunny. 🙂

Do you wish to tell something to the readers?
Do what you love and do it with all your passion!


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