Personal fact sheet
Profession: Windsurfing
Place of birth: Bozen, Italy
Age: 27
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Star Sign: Scorpio
Athlete since: 2006 – started competing at the age of twelve
Family status: Single, no children


Greta Marchegger was born in 1993 and windsurfing was part of her life since because of her dad, who is a former athlete and has been working in the windsurfing industry for 35 years. As a child she wanted to be a lot of different things. Her absolute dream was being a vet because she really loves animals. However, she grew up traveling between competitions, events and windsurfing spots around the world. With eight years she started windsurfing herself. At the ages of twelve she took part in her first competition. In her family almost everything is about Windsurfing. When asked about it, she says: “Sharing such a passion for nature, the water and water sports with your loved ones is definitely priceless.” During her career she was Female Italian Slalom Champion for several times, Vice European Champion Junior and won many other Italian national competitions. Being asked about what is on her mind when she is competing, she states: “When I am on the water it is definitely one of the only moments where I am not thinking about anything else than the present moment. Windsurfing makes me switch off my brain because I am actually an over thinker. While competing I am definitely completely focused on what is going on in the water. Obviously, the goal of every competition is to get out the best result possible so the main thought is to be the best version of yourself in that moment.”

Greta Marchegger

Besides Windsurfing Greta works as a marketeer, social media manager and occasionally as a speaker and model. She speaks five languages fluently and studied Media and Communication in Vienna and Reunion Island. Recently she completed a Master degree in Marketing & Sales at Rome Business School: “So yes, I am actually also working a lot and not only chilling the whole day long on the beach as people often think.”, she says. “It is all about finding the right work-train-life balance for me. Windsurfing unfortunately is not one of those sports where you can earn a fortune like tennis or soccer for example. Therefore, it is important to always have a plan B ready and also to provide for the professional side in terms of education and work experience.”

Greta Marchegger Lago die Garda

For the past three years she lived in Barcelona and then moved back home to northern Italy, where she now lives between Lake Garda and South Tyrol after having been abroad for nine years: “I am feeling very lucky to call beautiful Lake Garda my home spot. It is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Actually, there is a ton of other places in this beautiful world which I am completely in love with, like for example Cape Town in South Africa. Some of my friends are calling me “world child” because I love traveling and exploring new places and I cannot get enough of it. Windsurfing and traveling are my healthy drugs. So actually, every place where it is windy, sunny, warm and preferably tropical are my favorite locations to be.”

Greta Marchegger

Greta still wants to travel to several countries and also continue working in the windsurfing industry, one day taking over her dad’s business, distributing windsurfing brands in Italy. In life she has two slogans she lives by: “No risk, no fun” and “Do it with love, or not at all!” In case she won the lottery jackpot, she would donate a large part of it to charities and environment projects, because there is simply too much poverty and things not going well in this world. “Especially while traveling I have encountered many people and situations which need our help to help themselves. With the rest of the money I guess I would make a couple of investments and use the rest of it for an endless world trip.” 😊


What drives you crazy or mad?
What makes me absolutely angry and mad are fake people, disrespect, disloyalty, betrayal and lies. I am a person for whom values like honesty, respect, family and friends are extremely important. In the world we live in today, such basic values are unfortunately no longer principles for everyone…but I strongly believe in Karma and that everything comes back to you in one way or another.

Do you have a role model?
I don´t have one specific role model in my life but I have many people who are inspiring me a lot. There are many strong ladies in watersports as for example Bethany Hamilton. But I feel lucky enough to be able to say that many of those inspiring people are already in my life. My mum is definitely one of those, as she has the biggest heart I know. She is a power woman, she has an open ear for everyone and the way she makes others feel about themselves is simply amazing.

What you have always with you or take along on your journey?
Well, it depends obviously what kind of journey we are talking about. But the one thing I always have with me, no matter where I go is a reusable water bottle. I try really hard to reduce plastic in my life. Without sounding philosophical but I believe that everyone can do at least little steps to protect our environment. Besides that, sunglasses, my picture camera, bikinis, my longboard and my windsurfing gear of course.

What does your training day look like on the board/water?
At home I am training in my windsurfing club the “Circolo Surf Torbole” in Lake Garda. The mornings are usually slow with a SUP session or some other kind of workouts, followed by preparing the windsurfing gear and waiting for the wind to kick in. The trainings are simulated competitions with a starting procedure like in sailing and a course which must be competed against others. But obviously also training alone on the water trying to improve speed and maneuvers are part of the personal training.

What motivates you after a really hard day to get back in the water?
Even if sometimes a session or training is not going the way you wish, I still feel incredible lucky and grateful to be able to do what I do. Being close to nature, playing with the elements, traveling to beautiful places, living a life other people are dreaming about – all those things, when you truly think about them make you realize they are not granted at all. Reflecting about that makes it easy to get back on the water again. Besides, a bad day on the water is still better then no day on the water…😉

Why you do what you do?
First of all, I do what I do because I love it more then anything in this world. I believe that being successful in life means being a 100 percent happy with what you are doing no matter a specific actual result. Finding a balance in life, being satisfied and being able to combine passion with work is real happiness to me.

Winter or Summer, which season do you prefer?
Well, that’s an easy one…Every windsurfer or watersports person’s favorite season is definitely summer. I am really struggling with cold temperatures that’s also why I am traveling a lot during winter to escape the cold season and to be able to windsurf. But I have to admit that during the last years I started to appreciate the mountains I have at home, especially in winter always more. It is an own kind of magic and beauty. Spending a sunny day in the snowy mountains definitely is beautiful and it’s a nice balance to the ocean.

Do you wish to tell something to the readers?
First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my interview until here. I do really appreciate it. Other than that, enjoy every moment, smile a lot, do what you love and make sure to do it as much as you can! 😊

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