The origins of the sport are not exactly known, but it is supposed to have its roots in Scandinavia

This winter sport is somewhat similar to curling, that is also why ice stock sport is called “Bavarian curling”. A team is mostly composed of four members and each player has the goal with one try per inning to bring the proper stock sliding over an ice surface as close as possible to the target, the so called “Daube”, a small ring which is placed on the playground, or to cover the longest distance. Ice stocks have a gliding surface, to which a approximately 30 cm long stick is attached. The discipline of the team competition is composed of six runs, while the discipline of target shooting is made out of four times six runs and can be played in a team as well as a single sport. If played in a team every run is done by another player. The third discipline is the distance shooting, where the goal is to shoot the stock, in a special marked track, as far as possible. The current world record, held by the Bavarian Manfred Zieglgruber, with 566.53 meters set in 1989 on the lake “Seeoner” is still unbeaten and till today nobody even got close to this result.

Not only famous ice stock nations like Germany, Austria, Italy and Swiss are performing this sport, but also exotic countries like Kenya, Namibia, Guatemala and Columbia, countries where one would never expect an ice stock team acquire a taste for it. Ice stock elite met this winter for the second time in Collalbo at the “Arena Ritten” for the ice stock World Championship supervised by the International Federation Icestocksport (IFI),  the governing body of ice stock sports.

Until today Ritten holds the record regarding participating countries, when in 2008 26 Nations from all over the world had come to the World Championship.

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