Personal fact sheet
Profession: Pilot
Place of birth: Ochsenhausen, Germany
Age: 49
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Star Sign: Virgo
Athlete since: 2008
Family status: Single


Matthias Dolderer is one of the most promising talents in international motor sports since his debut in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2009. Dolderer, who has 32 years of flying experience, owns the Tannheim Airfield and the Tannheim Flight School. Already as a child he wanted to be a pilot and he took his first flight when he was three years old, together with his father Max. He was raised at the flight school of his parents and at the early age of five became hooked on machines and fast cars, making his first solo flight at 14. His life has revolved around aviation ever since. “Flying has been my passion from the very first moment and my inspiration. I have spent my whole life in hangars, on airfields and in the cockpit.”

The lifetime aviator gained his glider and microlight license at the age of 17. Just a few days later, he finished third in the German Microlight Championships. At 21 he became the youngest flight instructor in Germany. Together with his sister Verena Dolderer he took over Tannheim Airfield in 1993 to continue their family’s vision: “To run a meeting place for aviators, enthusiasts, amateurs as well as professionals.” The legendary Tannkosh event, Europe’s biggest Fly-In, has been born and established by Matthias and Verena. “Aerobatics has everything I love about flying and motor sports: speed, precision and skills.” In 2006, Matthias Dolderer intensified his aerobatic activities to become a Red Bull Air Race pilot in the near future. Outstanding achievements in international aerobatic competitions, such as the German Unlimited Aerobatic Championship title, opened him the way for an invitation to attend the Red Bull Air Race qualification camp in Casarrubios, Spain, at the end of September 2008. Matthias Dolderer was one of four rookies who joined the Red Bull Air Race in 2009.

Dolderer, an intensely competitive man, has an aggressive style of flying. Highly focused, he is always looking for ways to improve his performance and when asked why he is doing what he does, he says: “It is my passion, my dream. I chase it every day since I am a kid.” Off the cockpit, he easily reverts back to his fun-loving character. Dolderer has spent more than 9.000 flight hours in the cockpit of more than 130 different aircraft types, made 28.000 landings and has participated in numerous international competitions and air shows across the globe.

Due to his Red Bull Air Race career Matthias Dolderer is well-known to international media and aviation enthusiasts. He is an important promoter for every air show and pro-actively quickens the media interest with his broad network. Being asked about his future plans, he states: “I think in our days and times, it is hard to predict what and where you will be in the future.” However, according to his slogan, we can still have quite some expectations: “Impossible is not possible.” When Matthias Dolderer is not pursuing his sports, he likes to spend time with his family and friends, trying to enjoy every day.


What would you do with a lottery jackpot?
Invest in property and fun, support others.

What drives you crazy or mad?
I am pretty relaxed. I don’t like not being in time or if someone is lying/cheating.

What is a perfect day for you?
Wake up healthy, see family and friends, be able to live the moment. Everything else is a plus.

What you have always with you or take along on your journey?
My electric toothbrush, credit card and cash, mobile phone, paper and pencil

Do you see your self as a daredevil?
Not at all, I don’t like to overdo it or to take too much risk. Risk management is one of the most important tasks of pilots.

With whom would you like to exchange life?
With no one. I love my life.

What do airplanes mean to you?
My life. Freedom. Passion. Satisfaction.

Do you wish to tell something to the readers?
Never let anyone stop you to chase your dream, anything and everything is possible! We only live once. Set goals, Work hard and enjoy, the rest will come itself! Respect what you have, health is most important! Never give up!


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