Personal fact sheet
Profession: Cross country skier
Place of birth: Schladming, Austria
Age: 27
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Star Sign: Aquarius
Athlete since: 2008
Family status: Single


Teresa Stadlober was born into a very sportive family: Her mother was a ski racer, her father a cross country skier. When she was only two years old she tried skiing for the first time herself and since then sport is her daily dose of life. In the beginning, it was alpine skiing, later she also tried cross country skiing in the ski-tracks of her hometown Radstadt. With four years, she took part in her first competition in the city of Altenmarkt.

In the year 2.000 she and her brother Luis joined the cross country skiing training at the skiclub Radstadt. The best thing there was the Wednesday afternoon indoor training and all children loved it. Circuit training at first, then different games with balls and fitness equipment. On the weekends, it was time for outdoor training: in the summer time in the forest and on cycle tracks, in the winter on the ski-tracks. The training sessions always had one part of serious fitness exercises, stamina and strength training and another one with games and relays. Together with the skiclub and the parents they took part in regional competitions.

In 2006, Teresa won her first Austrian school championship title. In 2010, she became Austrian champion in the city of Ramsau for the first time. Since 2008, she is a squad member of the national Austrian skiing association (ÖSV).

Between 2010 and 2013 she took part in four junior World Championships, before she joined the really big events: World Championships in Val die Fiemme 2013, Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014, World Championships in Falun 2015 and in Lahti 2017.

Apart from the competitions in the winter, she also takes part in different events in the summer time, for example the mountain run at the Großglockner mountain and several half-marathons with a personal minimum time of 1:18:42 h in 2015 and 3.000 meter runs at a minimum time of 9:39:00 min. in 2017. This time of the year is also always full of training because winter athletes are made in summer!

Her goal in sports is to reach a medal at a big event like the Olympic Games or World Championships and her life goal is to be always happy and satisfied with herself, or, as Mahatma Gandhi said: “The future depends on what we do in the present.”

Since 2012 Teresa is a student of a multimedia-based class of law at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria. In her free time she always likes to be with family and friends. Her family also is the most important thing in her life, the anchor she can always count on. Apart from that she has got a creative vein and owns a whole drawing equipment, which she got from her parents when she was younger. When asked about it, she says: “Unfortunately, it’s in the cellar now but I think to bring it back and to start drawing again. Thanks for the food for thought.”

Teresa’s answers to 8 words:

Is essential and I can’t imagine a world without it.

Balance and sprints – nobody is perfect and there are always things you can work on.

You always have to dream big!

Everybody needs somebody.

More free dance than standard dance.

Is the key for every kind of relationship.

I prefer tea.

You can never have enough.

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