A majestic view of sunrays breaking through the clouds over a snow-covered landscape is an ideal picture itself, so imagine how much fun it is to go for a sledge ride in such dreamscape?

The concept of our modern day sledges was already used by Neanderthals. Then it is thought that people of Ancient Egypt used sledges in constructions especially for transportation of heavy duty goods. They were mainly man-powered one, where they had to wet the sand to create less friction so the equipment can glide more effectively.

However as the modern technology was developing during the centuries, the sledges have become more and more advanced by becoming lighter and faster.

There is a small village in Switzerland, where using sledges was a serious winter hobby. In fact, in 1883 the locals even organised a formal competition so the riders could compare their knowledge. A carpenter from Davos worked on further developing the Norwegian sledge and created the Davos sledge.

The pull-bar provides with its requisite stability, joining the two runners shod with iron. The iron rod usually bears a rope, which can be used to pull the sledge through deep snow. Nowadays this style is favoured by children and adult who love fast gliding.

Whilst the sledging is a safe sport, rules and regulations as well as health and safety applications must be complied with. There was twice the ‘International Sledge Summit’ gathering held in Bozen, where the audience not only could learn about the knowledge and progress but also gained lots of useful information about the different types of sledges and its future ideas and concepts.

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